The Wellness Center is a true paradise within an elegant and refined area and offers a range of spa treatments to enjoy relax and unique sensations.

Thermal Suite

The Thermal Suite is made entirely of wood, spacious and elegant, and gives the possibility to live the simple principles of natural elements, adjusting temperature, steam clouds, light intensity and background music to get away from it all and immerse yourself in total relaxation to recover the energy dissipated by an increasingly hectic lives.

The wooden Suite allows you to perform a variety of treatments, such as Thermal Treatments, Roman Bath, Turkish bath, Hammam, Sauna Tepee, Roman Sauna, all immersed in a unique atmosphere surrounded by music therapy and chromotherapy.

Hydro Massage Pools

Hydro Massage Pools develop the idea of the Japanese bath “ofuro” and the method of alternating temperature studied by the abbot JS Kneipp. Taking advantage of the health benefits of hydrotherapy practices, this area offers a wellness program based on the alternating passage of a pool containing hot water (40/42 ° C) to another one with cold water (20/28 ° C).

The hot / cold alternating, in fact, carrying out a vascular tonic, is able to make a number of benefits such as detoxification, circulatory reactivation, deep drainage and relaxation. The treatment is made with color therapy and ozone therapy (massage with micro nascent oxygen bubbles).

Wooden Cot / Shell

Wooden Cot / Shell has a prestigious and innovative design that, thanks to its high technology, allows you to make different treatments with steam baths, excellent allies for the care and well-being of the body, able to ensure, even in one treatment, immediate benefits effects such as, for example, deep cleansing of the body, relaxing effect, reducing pain and muscle tension.

It allows you to play a variety of treatments to enjoy an unforgettable and rejuvenating experience of relaxation.

Relaxation Area

In the Wellness Centre you can find a Relaxation Area with comfortable lounges to unwind and enjoy a tasting of teas and herbal teas to regulate body temperature and drainage functions and purification of the body.

Massage Cabins

You can find also two cabins for massage, where our operators perform massages for various needs from classic relaxing massage to specific body treatments.

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